Curtis Homes LLC’s Three Product Offerings

Here at Curtis Homes, we have three distinct product offerings when it comes to building with us: Custom Homes, Pre Sold Semi-Custom Homes, and Move-In Ready Homes. No matter where or how your new home adventure starts, we are here to help build a legacy you can live in!

Imagine this: your very own dream home, designed exactly the way you want it. Whether you’ve got a blueprint in hand or just a vision in your mind, we’re here to walk you through every step of the journey.

Our building team is like the master chef of home construction – turning what might seem like a daunting task into a smooth, stress-free experience for you. Building your dream home should be exciting, not overwhelming!

At Curtis Homes, we’re all about making sure your new home ticks all the boxes for you and your family. From that initial brainstorming session to the moment we hand over the keys, we’re by your side, listening, communicating, and bringing your vision to life.

Forget about headaches over budgets and timelines. With us, it’s all about clear, hassle-free pricing and unwavering customer service. Building with Curtis Homes isn’t just about constructing a house; it’s about crafting a positive experience you’ll cherish forever.

Our pre-sold home package is a game-changer. It all begins with listening intently to you, the homebuyer, to understand your needs and desires. Together, we pinpoint the perfect location that fits your budget, eliminating the hassle of land acquisition and construction loans.

Once the location is set, we work collaboratively to select the ideal house plan tailored to your family’s lifestyle and budget. With contracts signed and permits obtained, it’s time for the fun part – choosing your finishes! Our expert team guides you through selecting everything from doors to countertops, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision. Throughout the building process, we keep you in the loop with regular walk-throughs.

Finally, on move-in day, we celebrate your new home together. But our support doesn’t end there; we provide a builder warranty and continue to consider you part of the Curtis Homes family for years to come!

A Move-In Ready home at Curtis Homes is your express ticket to effortless homeownership. It’s like stepping into a dream come true without the wait or the worry. A meticulously crafted home, thoughtfully designed, and fully outfitted with top-notch finishes selected by our expert designers.

With contracts signed, permits in place, and every detail swiftly handled by our team, all that’s left for you to do is move in and start making memories. No stress, no hassle—just the joy of stepping into your new home sweet home, built by Curtis Homes with care and intention.

Whatever option is best for you Curtis Homes is ready to work and build with you! Reach out today to learn more about where we are building, what is available, and our three product offerings!

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  1. Stellar says:

    Informative overview! Curtis Homes LLC’s three product offerings provide clear options for diverse homebuyers. Valuable insight for prospective homeowners.

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