Building Standards


Earth-Conscious Construction:

Building requires a large investment of resources, energy, and effort. That’s why in everything we do, we seek to do it with an awareness of our ecological impact. Wherever possible, we try to use less and give more. Curtis Homes aim is to leave its mark on the Gorge and Central Oregon communities, without diminishing its resources.

Reused Materials:

Curtis Homes is also dedicated to recycling and reusing building materials, whenever feasible, in order to reduce its environmental impact. Deconstruction is one such method. Rather than demolishing buildings, deconstruction contractors take the building apart piece-by-piece. Materials are then salvaged, recycled, and donated in order to minimize the amount of materials that end up in landfills. While this process takes longer than demolition, Curtis Homes supports its long-term local benefits. Curtis Homes not only supports the Gorge Re-build it Center, but has served on their board of directors.

Energy Efficiency:

Efficient energy usage has a twofold benefit: it saves people money and it reduces greenhouse emissions. Both of these benefits drive Curtis Homes to create structures with a focus on efficiency. Efficiency begins with the building envelope (exterior structure). A structurally-sound building is both efficient and easy to maintain. Curtis Homes also implements insulates their walls to a R-25+ standard, and R-45+ floors and ceilings. Other energy efficient possibilities include Energy Star appliances, natural lighting, triple-pane windows, renewable energy (solar and wind), and geothermal heating.

Resource Conservation:

By using innovative design and new technologies, Curtis Homes seeks to lower it’s Carbon Footprint by minimizing the amount of resources it employs. During the design process, Curtis Homes starts by analyzing the land and layout of each site, looking for ways to conserve. By considering the solar orientation, geothermal possibilities, wind dynamics, natural vegetation and annual rain water, Curtis Homes seeks to take advantage of the site’s natural resources. The benefits vary from natural power and lighting, to fresh air currents and reusable rain-water. In addition, to natural conservation, Curtis Homes installs water-conserving techniques, such as low-flow faucets, dual-flush toilets, and drought-resistant plants. Curtis Homes also promotes building up rather than building out, in order to reduce it’s Carbon Footprint. From design to finish, natural efficiency and conservation remain a priority.


All of our projects are designed to last! Everything from the selection of building materials to the envelope design is done with longevity in mind. We guarantee an investment in your home that will not only enhance your life, but will withstand the years.


Every bid presented by Curtis Homes is made with integrity. After carefully measuring and calculating your project, Curtis Homes will present a bid that is both reasonable and realistic. All cost details will be disclosed and discussed so that there are no hidden costs or unanswered questions. Likewise, all in-project modifications will be proposed, explained, and documented. We want you to feel heard, respected, and involved.

Clean Air:

According to a recent study released by the EPA, Indoor air is three times more polluted than outdoor air ( Compelled by this fact Curtis Homes is committed to minimizing homeowners’ exposure to toxins. Using proper ventilation techniques, such as natural air currents and quality air filtration systems, Curtis Homes helps create a healthier and more livable atmosphere. In essence, letting your home breathe. In addition to minimizing dust and toxins, we also employ Low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Seals*. These help to minimize odors, while freshening up the air.

*Low-VOC seals (paints, varnishes, and finishes) employ new water-based technology that minimizes toxin levels, while reducing the levels of heavy metals and formaldehyde.