Building a Sustainable Future

In an era where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly imperative, Curtis Homes stands as a beacon of sustainability in the construction industry. With a firm commitment to green building practices, Curtis Homes is not just building homes; we’re constructing a sustainable future for communities across Oregon.

As an EPS (Energy Performance Score) certified builder in Bend, Hood River and The Dalles, our partnership with the Energy Trust of Oregon, and an Earth Advantage Builder, we see these affiliations as a testament to Curtis Homes’ dedication to ensuring that our homes are not just structures, but eco-friendly havens. Our team meets the rigorous standards for energy efficiency and environmental performance, setting a high benchmark for others in the industry to follow.

By embracing green building practices and continuously seeking out new technologies and techniques to further enhance the environmental performance of our homes, we are reducing the carbon footprint of our projects. Sustainable homes mean lower energy bills for homeowners, improved indoor air quality, and reduced strain on natural resources.

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