Hood River Children’s Park Re-Opening!

It has been a full summer for Curtis Homes and the blog has taken a back seat to the fun!  In addition to building homes our team volunteered to help build a park!  A portion of every home sale we give back to the community.  Building strong communities is so important!   

September 2018
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NEW Homes for Sale in Hood River!

If you have been checking up on our “Homes for Sale” tab you have seen the four new homes we listed in Hood River, Oregon.   A home plan that is the favorite of many families is the Olympia home plan by Alan Mascord.  This home is being built in the neighborhood on the Heights of Hood River off of Sievercropp drive in the Mt. Vista neighborhood.  The neighborhood is well-known for having a park in walking distance, views of the surrounding hills, great location, family-friendly and beautiful new homes! 

Four homes are under construction and for sale.  If you purchase your home early in the building process the finishes will be up to you!  You can style the home you’d like.

Email Cameron Curtis for details: Cameron@curtishomesllc.com or call at 541-490-6339

Click the photo for more information on the homes listed:


March 2018
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Built-in Storage!

Many people are looking for ways to add efficiency to a space, while cutting back on “stuff”. To some people “stuff” means items that aren’t a need or unused items. These objects clutter-up our homes and lives!

Have you ever thought that to much furniture can add to the “stuff” problem or be the problem? Instead of buying furniture add built-ins to a home.   Built-ins store the items a family will use everyday in a place that makes sense.  Customizing built-ins for a room will mean there is no bulky furniture to put clutter on top off or break the flow of the space.  The difference between a built-in and furniture, is that a built-in adds permanent value and character to a home!  Think about how to use built-in shelves, a buffet or window seat to maximize a room’s space.

September 2016
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Hood River Home Tour

Tour a finished craftsman home, built by Curtis Homes.
This three-bedroom, one-story home is located in Hood River, Oregon and the floor plan was design by Alan Mascord of Portland, Oregon.  The floor plan, named the Meriwether, is 2,200 sq. ft. and has a large great room open to the kitchen.  The interior design of the home was inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest: exposed wood beams, warm earth tones, wood trim, lots of natural light & local PNW materials.  
Enjoy your tour!

February 2016
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Merry Christmas Columbia Gorge!

Curtis_Homes_ChristmasMay your home be filled with laughter and joy this Christmas! We hope you enjoy the winter season and a warm cup of coffee with your friends and family.
Merry Christmas,
Cameron, Emily, Lucy
the Curtis Homes’ Team
December 2015
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3 Ways to Relocate Stress Free!

Okay-okay, did some of you just roll your eyes at the blog post title… ‘Stress Free Relocation’? No, really there are ways to help make a move to a new town a little easier!  Lots of our clients are moving to Hood River, and here are ways the transition to a new place can be made less stressful! (Leave comments below on this post.)

  • Discover the Gorge!  For the moments when you are unsure if it was a good idea to move or a kiddo has been crying over moving away from friends; rest assured that you and your family have moved to a beautiful new place.  There is lots-and-lots of places to explore year round here in the Pacific Northwest! Here is a short list of places to visit that don’t require all day or equipment: the Fruitloop, Twin-Tunnels, walk downtown, Jackson park, tennis courts/Hood River swimming pool, Columbia Gorge Art Center. (Can I put a plug in here for building with Curtis Homes?  Build a house and then get busy exploring!
  • Find a great place to eat!  Having low blood sugar isn’t going to help you make decisions about your new move.  A local favorite is 6th Street Bistro for their hamburgers, locally grown food and tasty lemon drops.  Want a meal to go?  Thai house as some tasty Thai food.  There are many great restaurants to try in Hood River and White Salmon, find your favorite.
  • Meet other locals! I [Emily] grew-up in the Gorge, but for most people [like Cameron] they were the ‘new kid on the block’ at one time too.  Hood River and surrounding areas in the Gorge are full of welcoming people, because lots of people remember what it was like to settle into a new home.  Where do these locals hang-out? Coffee shops downtown or on the Heights, Gorge Grown Markets (like the one on Thursdays), the waterfront, or enjoying one of our many parks… with a coffee of course!  If you have kiddos try the library story-time, community ED, or Cutie Pies Consignment to meet other parents.


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October 2015
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New Home in Hood River, Oregon

The Hood River floor plan, by Alan Mascord & Cameron Curtis, was built again in Hood River, Oregon by Curtis Homes. The new home was a pre-sold to a family and built Spring of 2015. The home is 2,900+ sq.ft. and was located on the Heights of Hood River. The home is warm with modern finishes. For a full photo tour go to the Curtis Homes’ Houzz profile.  Contact Curtis Homes to learn more about building a home with us.

Mount view in @hoodriveroregon #epicbbq #hoodriver #columbiagorge #mthood #house #dreamview #construction

Mount Hood view! @hoodriveroregon #mthood

What do you think? Finished this project on Friday. #dreamkitchen #columbiagorge #hoodriver #kitchen #design #espresso #newcabinets #moderndesign #woodfloors (photo by Gorge-Us Photography)

What do you think?#dreamkitchen  #hoodriver


Link to photos of the Hood River

Photos by: Gorge-Us Photography

June 2015
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6 Ways to a more Relaxing Home

The countdown to Christmas has begun!  Many of us are out shopping, or battling the winter elements, or preparing for a holiday with family.  You deserve to kick back and relax.  Wouldn’t it be nice to relax at home? Here are Curtis Homes’ recommendations to a more relaxing home.

1. Take a soak in a vessel tubhome_relax

Try soaking in your tub (need a tub, take a peek at Ferguson’s selection).  Get out those toxins, get warm, and if you play the music loud enough you may not be able to hear the family in the house.

2.  Tankless water heater will make you say, “ooh-la-la”

If this doesn’t scream home spa to you, just boring construction blog keep reading.  A tankless water heater is an energy efficient way to take a long-hot shower.  Rather than continually using energy to keep the water warm; the tankless water heater heats only the water you’re asking for.  Relax knowing that your hot water bill won’t drain your pocket book.

5. Dim the lights & turn-up the music

Dim those lights to set the mood for relaxation.  Wait, you don’t have a dimmer switch?! Don’t fret, local hardware stores sell them and they aren’t going to break the bank ($10-$30).  While the lights are way down low, turn up the tunes with built-in home speakers.  Speakers may not be as cheap as the dimming light switch, but a sound system in your home may be a nice Christmas gift or new home up-grade.

6. Take a breath

Change your air filter regularly.  It is a nice way to breath easy (pun intended) during the holiday season, especially if you have a full house of people.

December 2013
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Hood River has a New Home

The home design was by Alan Macord, Portland, Oregon, plan name the Greenspire (plan 22122). The Greenspire home is 2,500+ square feet: 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath, bonus room, vaulted ceilings. Curtis Homes built the home in a neighborhood in Hood River, Oregon.

Lot #21-27There are several features about this home that set it a part from other homes we have built. The home boasts a second-story bridge; spanning over the entry way that provides views to the below living area. Another design element is the barn doors in the home, the doors put some fun in fun-ctional. A great resell feature of this home is the master bedroom is on the ground floor with two bedrooms and bonus room upstairs.

See more photos on Houzz or Facebook

November 2013
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Open House Tour of New Hood River Home

We’re excited to share our new model home, The Hood River!

Join us next weekend August 16-18 from 9am-4pm in the Meadow Lark Heights subdivision to tour the new home.  The Hood River home was designed by Alan Mascords and built by Curtis Homes.  We have enjoyed the building process; working with great businesses like NW Natural, Ferguson, Tum-a-Lum Lumber, Paulson’s Flooring and all of our subcontractors.


9am-4pm, Aug 16-18, 880 Makena Ln

(Follow the open house signs)



August 2013
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