To Subcontractors and Suppliers of Curtis Homes, LLC; Legacy Development Group, Inc. and Legacy Excavation, Inc.

As we all work to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all of our employees and visitors, and for ensuring compliance with Oregon OSHA rules on our construction sites.  We require that all persons who work on or visit our sites follow the most up-to-date guidance and rules from OR-OSHA, including pre-screening before entering the site,

General Contractor/Builder Responsibilities:

We will follow the safety protocols suggested by OR-OSHA which requires our companies to perform certain general contractor/builder responsibilities.  Those minimum site/entry control responsibilities are:

  •  Post reminders to physically distance as best as possible and to wear face coverings.
  • Post COVID-19 Hazards Poster.
  • Post Visitor Responsibility Poster.
  • Post Pre-Screening Checklist.
  • Provide sanitization of common areas and supplies for the job sites.

Subcontractor Responsibilities:

  • Ensure face coverings for subcontractor employees/visitors are available and worn.
  • Ensure subcontractor employees have received COVID-19 information and training.
  • Sanitize subcontractor shared tools and equipment and provide the necessary sanitizing supplies for these areas and associated hand-hygiene.
  • Infection notification to general contractor/builder if subcontractor employee or visitor tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Maintain physical distancing on the job site.

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