3 Ways to Relocate Stress Free!

  • Discover the Gorge!  For the moments when you are unsure if it was a good idea to move or a kiddo has been crying over moving away from friends; rest assured that you and your family have moved to a beautiful new place.  There is lots-and-lots of places to explore year round here in the Pacific Northwest! Here is a short list of places to visit that don’t require all day or equipment: the Fruitloop, Twin-Tunnels, walk downtown, Jackson park, tennis courts/Hood River swimming pool, Columbia Gorge Art Center. (Can I put a plug in here for building with Curtis Homes?  Build a house and then get busy exploring!
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    • Find a great place to eat!  Having low blood sugar isn’t going to help you make decisions about your new move.  A local favorite is 6th Street Bistro for their hamburgers, locally grown food and tasty lemon drops.  Want a meal to go?  Thai house as some tasty Thai food.  There are many great restaurants to try in Hood River and White Salmon, find your favorite.
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    • Meet other locals! I [Emily] grew-up in the Gorge, but for most people [like Cameron] they were the ‘new kid on the block’ at one time too.  Hood River and surrounding areas in the Gorge are full of welcoming people, because lots of people remember what it was like to settle into a new home.  Where do these locals hang-out? Coffee shops downtown or on the Heights, Gorge Grown Markets (like the one on Thursdays), the waterfront, or enjoying one of our many parks… with a coffee of course!  If you have kiddos try the library story-time, community ED, or Cutie Pies Consignment to meet other parents.
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    1. David says:

      I would also recommend visiting first, staying a week or two just to get a feel for the area. It can definitely help when it comes to finding the right neighborhood to move in.

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