Top 5 Most Valuable Spaces in Your Home!

1.   Kitchens are the often called the “heart” of the home.  It makes sense then why so Curtis Homes LLC-29many home buyers look for an open floor plan, with the kitchen adjacent to a living room or family room.  Homeowners know they will spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Adding details like a natural gas range, dishwasher, storage, pantry, natural light and backsplash will create a welcoming and useable space.   Taking note of the kitchen’s layout, look for a triangle between the appliances and sink; this layout offers a nice flow when cooking. 2.  Storage inside the home and in the garage is important in a family home.  In Hood Curtis Homes LLC-36River, Oregon many homeowners have sporting equipment  (kite boards, bikes, snowboards, etc.) that need to be stored in a safe dry space.  In building a new home look for any possible “dead space”  in the home?  (For example, under stairs, between two walls, an attic crawlspace.)  Think through what you as a homeowner will be storing and where you will put items in the home.  If you can’t find a home for something then make one! 3.  Master Bedroom/Bathroom should be the most relaxing and rejuvenating space inLot #66-37 the home!  Restorative colors on the wall, natural light, privacy and storage are all ways to create a spa environment in a master bedroom/bathroom.  Include storage, such as cupboards, dressers, or walk-in closets, into the space to cut down on clutter lying out. 4.  Outdoor Spaces provide a way to enjoy, for Curtis Homes’ homeowners, the Great Pacific Northwest!  Whether your home has a view of Mount Hood or the Columbia River, outdoor spaces are an extension of the indoor living space.  Create an outdoor space that can be used in sunshine or snow by adding shade cover or heaters. 870 Makena-11 5. Good Family and Friends make the single biggest difference in a home.  It doesn’t matter how big the house, it doesn’t matter the color of the tile, it doesn’t matter the size of the garage when house full with laughter and memories it becomes a home.  Think about ways to turn a house into a home by creating a welcoming space and sharing your home with others.  ]]>

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