Six Ways to Stay Clutter Free!

1. Give every item a home… Have lots of storage areas.  In a recent home built by Curtis Homes five extra closets and lots of cabinets were installed to give the home more storage.  The question, “what is this space doing for the home?” was asked for every square inch of the project.  The result is the home is full of useful and purposeful storage space. 2. For every one new item, two old items must go… Have a donation box or future garage sale box in your master bedroom closet or the coat closet.  In turn if you are in need of something new, check at a local thrift store, re-build it center or consignment shop for what you need.  This is the ultimate in recycling. 3. Pin, post and hook… Pin must-have info to a stylish family bulletin board. Post information on a chalkboard.  On hooks hang jackets, hats, or keys so everything is easy to find. [slideshow_deploy id=’454’] 4. Go wireless…. Avoid a lot of cords by taking your technology wireless. Turn a cord cluttered office desk into a sleek workspace by opting for a wireless keyboard, mouse and server. 5. Take an underwater basket weaving class… Okay, no need to make your own baskets, however baskets are the number one way the Curtis family stays clutter free.  Everyone has their own basket.  Throughout the week, the small random objects around the house get put in the right person’s basket.  Usually during TV time we all go through our baskets. 6.  Declutter your mind… If the house seems to be messy, take a deep breath and go inward. Find a way to relax and gain perspective.  Papers, toys or cloths on the floor are all signs of living a full life.  This fact can brings you peace; we don’t live in the pages of home magazines.  Abraham Lincoln put it this way, “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”]]>

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