Protect Your Home this Winter!

1. Remove snow from your roof. Even if you have a steep roof this is a lot more snow then our area expects and it is a good idea to get this weight off the roof. [caption id="attachment_1039" align="alignright" width="150"]Remove snow from around your home! Remove snow from around your home![/caption]

2. If you have ever seen puddling or pooling of water in your landscaping before it is a good idea to consider removing the snow from low lying areas in your yard and around your house. With the warm weather coming this snow will melt fast and could cause potential flooding in your crawl space. I would recommend removing snow from your low lying areas.
3. Ice damming is a real concern. When building your home we go above and beyond and place whats called Ice and water shield under your roofing for the first 6′. when your gutters get clogged with ice the ice/water can damm up and back up under the roofing. It is a good idea to keep the snow and ice cleared from your gutters. There are several techniques but here is a good link:
4. With the sub freezing temperatures all your mechanical devices get put to the test. It is very important to make sure snow and ice don’t form around your condensate drains. Your furnace and your water heater both have a vent and condensate drain. If snow piles up in front of this or if your condensation freezes then it will prevent these units from working properly. Your home builder warranty does not cover adverses weather conditions and it is important to make sure these vents and drains are clear and do not freeze. 
5. I know several people last week had issues with there furnace and water heater due to the gas pressure. If you were not aware when the temperatures get below 10 degrees the gas company can have trouble with gas pressure. Your furnace and water heater demand so much pressure and will not work properly with out it. This is out of our control and you will need to direct questions about gas pressure to NW Natural.
6. Frozen Pipes. This should not be to much of an issue as all our new house are built with PEX or Wirsbo piping. This piping can expand and contract without cracking. It is a good idea to make sure your vents to the foundation are closed (open them again in the spring to maintain good air flow). New code does not allow us to even put the flappers on the vents anymore. It is very important to have good air flow through your crawl space but when it is sub freezing temperatures I would recommend closing off your vents or using foundation vent insulation blocks. Lastly if you have a sink in your garage I would recommend heat tape or some kind of heating device as you garages will get well below freezing when the temperature outside is 3 degrees.
Curtis Homes wants to see your home meet its full potential and taking these few steps can really help in these severe weather. If you need help at all with any of these items please don’t hesitate to call our office. Our crew is available for snow removal and or assistance with any of these items if you would like help please feel free to email or call me to schedule.]]>

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