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Houzz is the largest collection of home photos on the web.  The goal of this website is to inspire your next project and allow you peek inside the project photos of builders, designers and architects.  Professionals, like Curtis Homes, upload high-quality photos to along with material specifics and product details used in the project. [caption id="attachment_410" align="alignright" width="270"]Find us on Houzz. Find us on Houzz.[/caption] Why should you use Houzz?  It can be a challenge for people to describe what they want in their home, but not anymore!  Create your own idea book to save photos. Ask questions, get excited about a home design, read a professional’s client reviews and search photos all on one website. Cameron Curtis, owner of Curtis Homes said, “Houzz is a way for me relate and confirm with a client what I think I’m hearing them say they would like in a home, all by showing them a photo.”

Create your own photo book by going to!  

View our Curtis Homes’s photos HERE!


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