Catchy Kitchen

No other room can transform a house into home like a person’s kitchen.  The kitchen can be a neutral space for families, with little distractions from the outside world.  Forgetting about the stresses of the day, in a kitchen you become the chef experimenting with a meal.  In your kitchen you may find peace in the quiet, hearing only the hum an appliances or in your kitchen you may feel delight, as your family bustles about around you.

Curtis Homes believes that a well-designed and constructed kitchen can be a defining aspect of a home.  CBS’s Alison Rogers notes, in her article Does a Kitchen Remodel Still Boost Value, “Kitchens consistently turn out to be one of the best investments you can make in your home…” We agree, that an updated and efficient kitchen is good for the life of the home, and good for the life of the family too.

You don’t have to fit into a kitchen’s mold, you make the kitchen fit to you.  Design a space to meet your needs! Find a cabinet company (Custom cabinets, IKEA cabinets, Home Depot cabinets etc.) that help utilizes your space.  Make two lists, what you need in a kitchen space and what you want in a kitchen; identify what is important to you.  Filter what you would want in a kitchen through what is realistic for your space.  This list is a great place to start.  Then call Curtis Homes LLC and we will transform or even build a kitchen your friends will want to come over and cook in!

Talk much, sit long, eat well…Curtis Homes Building Kitchens you can live in.


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