Curtis Homes History

Curtis Homes History: read about our founder and your builder!

Curtis Homes has a rich history of serving people while meeting their home needs. Cameron Curtis – the founder of Curtis Homes – learned the building trade while working alongside his grandfather, and has continued to pour his abilities into crafting quality construction projects.

During his freshman year at Corban University in Salem, Oregon hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, leaving thousands homeless.  Seeing the immense need for able tradesman, Cameron traveled south to pour his energy, skill, and heart into rebuilding hope into lives of others.  It was there in New Orleans that the idea of Curtis Construction & Remodeling was born. After several months gutting and rebuilding homes in New Orleans, Cameron returned to Salem and established Curtis Construction & Remodeling – a company focused on offering quality construction to those in need.

While attending Corban, Cameron met his wife, Emily. Together they run Curtis Construction & Remodeling, serving the Salem area by offering quality construction and unparalleled customer service.

Cameron and Emily relocated to the Gorge where Emily grew up. Seeking to complement the unique climate and culture of the Gorge, the Curtis’ family developed a plan to build durable and affordable homes – homes that would incorporate an energy-efficient design and a unique edge of creativity, while promoting a healthy, livable atmosphere for your family. Curtis Homes desires to builds a legacy you can live in, grow in, and cherish.


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