6 Ways to a more Relaxing Home

1. Take a soak in a vessel tubhome_relax Try soaking in your tub (need a tub, take a peek at Ferguson’s selection).  Get out those toxins, get warm, and if you play the music loud enough you may not be able to hear the family in the house. 2.  Tankless water heater will make you say, “ooh-la-la” If this doesn’t scream home spa to you, just boring construction blog keep reading.  A tankless water heater is an energy efficient way to take a long-hot shower.  Rather than continually using energy to keep the water warm; the tankless water heater heats only the water you’re asking for.  Relax knowing that your hot water bill won’t drain your pocket book. 5. Dim the lights & turn-up the music Dim those lights to set the mood for relaxation.  Wait, you don’t have a dimmer switch?! Don’t fret, local hardware stores sell them and they aren’t going to break the bank ($10-$30).  While the lights are way down low, turn up the tunes with built-in home speakers.  Speakers may not be as cheap as the dimming light switch, but a sound system in your home may be a nice Christmas gift or new home up-grade. 6. Take a breath Change your air filter regularly.  It is a nice way to breath easy (pun intended) during the holiday season, especially if you have a full house of people.]]>

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