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Open House in Hood River!

Open House, 1810 3rd Street, Hood River OR 97031
April 5, Friday- 3pm-5:30pm
April 6, Saturday- 10am-2pm

*Meet Builder Cameron Curtis and tour the new home for sale! More info on this home: https://bit.ly/2V9bfre

Tour this kitchen!

The Brentwood home has a welcoming front porch. The two-story entry way leads to a beautiful living room with dramatic vaulted ceilings, fireplace w/ mantle, built-ins and an open floor plan. The kitchen has lots of counter space and easy access to adjoining dining and living rooms. This plan has an office, laundry room, powder room and large storage closet on the main level. The Master bedroom has large windows, private master bathroom and walk-in closet. The additional two oversized bedrooms share a spacious upstairs bathroom. The bedrooms do not share walls with each other, offering more privacy. See Less

April 2019
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Energy Trust of Oregon Visits!

Thank you Energy Trust Oregon for touring two of our homes in our Gilbert Neighborhood, Hood River, Oregon. The Gilbert Neighborhood homes are special, all designed to be energy efficient and have an EPS score.  The EPS score is a way of measuring how energy efficient is the home. The houses in Gilbert make-up the first neighborhood in Hood River, Oregon to to all have an EPS rating! If you haven’t heard of the Energy Trust of Oregon, head to their website to learn more about their mission of helping homeowners and the building industry work towards being more “green” or energy efficient or even net-zero.  There are many ways Curtis Homes builds mindfully and energy conscious. Some techniques are hidden once the home is finished, and some of the methods are visible in daily use of the finished home.  Two examples, are wrapping a home in an outer insulation called a thermo sheathing, which gets siding on top of it, but works hard for the home keeping in warmth or cold AC air. In contrast to the unseen energy updates, inside the whole house is fitted with LED lighting on dimmers and a plethora of well placed windows for natural light.  

To learn more ask Curtis Homes about helping your home be more energy efficient! 

April 2018
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Gilbert Neighborhood- New Hood River Homes!

New Home in Gilbert by Muddy River Design

Curtis Homes is excited to announce the new Gilbert ​Subdivision in Hood River, Oregon!  The new Gilbert ​Subdivision will connect two amazing neighborhoods (Meadowlark & Indian Cliff) with the newly built Roberts Dr​ive. ​ ​This ​new ​neighborhood is located at the end of Indian Cliff and provides seclusion and privacy with our new cul-de-sac. Curtis Homes is very excited to be building eight homes designed by Muddy River Design​ ​of Bend, Oregon. Home construction will begin December 2017. Several homes in the neighborhood will have views of Mt. Adams and​/​or Mt. Hood. We can’t wait to start​ construction! Please be on the look out on Facebook and Instagram for progress photos.

Aerial Views of Gilbert Neighborhood: {Click to view Gilbert_Map }

Map of surrounding area- 2017

Gilbert Neighborhood- Southwest view of Mt. Hood

Gilbert Neighborhood- Northeast view of Mt. Adams

New Homes in Hood River, Oregon

Photos by Gorge-Us Photography

November 2017
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Project Updates- 2017

The summer season zoomed by!  If you follow our stories on Facebook or Instagram you have watched Townhomes on Goose Way, in Hood River, start to be finished.  There is one townhouse still available.  Several family homes were also finished this summer, and it is the best day to watch a family move-in to their new home.  A custom home in Snowden with beautiful barnwood features, vistas that make you literally say, “wow” and a kitchen that most chefs would envy.   Building family homes in Oregon and Washington is what our team loves to do.   We appreciate that a new home is made of a lot of decisions, a lot of visualizing and a lot of new experiences in some cases.  Cameron and crew are glad to get to help people build homes in the Columbia Gorge and Central Oregon. 

Curtis Homes is grateful for team and have grown our team in the last several months.  We welcomed a new craftsman to the team Jeff, as well as an office financial controller  Anders Sorstad. We also celebrate the great work that Jeremy Fields, project manager in Bend,  and Thad Iremonger, project manager in Hood River.  Many of course know our office bookkeeper Danielle Iman-Lankford and Julie Johnston.  Okay- Fall time we’re ready for you!

  Goose Way Townhouse

New Home-2017

October 2017
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Built-in Storage!

Many people are looking for ways to add efficiency to a space, while cutting back on “stuff”. To some people “stuff” means items that aren’t a need or unused items. These objects clutter-up our homes and lives!

Have you ever thought that to much furniture can add to the “stuff” problem or be the problem? Instead of buying furniture add built-ins to a home.   Built-ins store the items a family will use everyday in a place that makes sense.  Customizing built-ins for a room will mean there is no bulky furniture to put clutter on top off or break the flow of the space.  The difference between a built-in and furniture, is that a built-in adds permanent value and character to a home!  Think about how to use built-in shelves, a buffet or window seat to maximize a room’s space.

September 2016
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Questions to ask about Windows

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Let’s talk windows.  Windows can be draped, covered, shaded, or frosted. Windows give a room character, light, functionality, or a view.  Windows come in all colors, shapes, sizes and styles too!  There were a lot of wonderful windows in a recent pre-sold home built by the Curtis Homes crew. The windows benefit the new homeowner by bringing in cross-breezes, natural light and added character to each room.

In a new home or remodel think about what a new window will do for the room.  There are A LOT of window choices, but try to narrow down the options by thinking through what the room needs.  For example, does the room need more natural light?  Is the exterior of the home lacking a little character?  Would a sunset or sunrise be missed without a window in the room?

Once you know what benefits from a window the room will have, think about what you’ll see on the other side of that window, such as neighbors, mountain view, trees or a backyard.  Add a skylight, dormer window, picture window, bay window (the list goes on-and-on) based on what makes sense for the space and it’s surroundings.

The Curtis Homes’ preference is to include lots of  windows, as it makes sense of course, because we are building homes in Hood River, Oregon, the most beautiful place in the world.  Hilltop or mountain views makes us want to add a window. Possibility of natural light in a master bedroom’s walk-in closest makes us want to add a window.   Ask yourself what makes you want to add a window?

See more photos on Houzz.com

January 2014
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Hood River has a New Home

The home design was by Alan Macord, Portland, Oregon, plan name the Greenspire (plan 22122). The Greenspire home is 2,500+ square feet: 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath, bonus room, vaulted ceilings. Curtis Homes built the home in a neighborhood in Hood River, Oregon.

Lot #21-27There are several features about this home that set it a part from other homes we have built. The home boasts a second-story bridge; spanning over the entry way that provides views to the below living area. Another design element is the barn doors in the home, the doors put some fun in fun-ctional. A great resell feature of this home is the master bedroom is on the ground floor with two bedrooms and bonus room upstairs.

See more photos on Houzz or Facebook

November 2013
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Meadow Lark- Community of Homes in Hood River

Everyone can follow the day-to-day progress of the homes being built by Curtis Homes on our social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).  To learn more about the process of what we are doing CLICK HERE!  It is an exciting time for the Curtis Homes crew we are busily building and working with clients to get them into a home they enjoy!

Join in on the building fun by following us on Instagram , Facebook, and Twitter!

#HRMeadowLark @CurtisHomesllc

July 2013
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