New Construction

Custom Homes

As a design-build company, Curtis Homes is dedicated to meeting your needs. Whether you have thought through your own home plans or need our architect to work with you, we are prepared to guide you step-by-step through the home-building process.

Many of our clients desire the comfort and security of a new home, but the daunting task of making that a reality, far out weighs their dream. Here at Curtis Homes we work with our clients to make there dreams a reality. We do not desire to conform you to a house, but instead construct a house that meets all of your family needs. From the initial “dream meeting” to the “passing of the keys,” Curtis Homes meets, communicates, and works for YOU. From our clear (non hassle) bidding, to our uncompromised customer service, building a home with Curtis Homes offers comfort and class.

Schedule an appointment today and we will start building a legacy you can live in!

Pre-Sold Home Packages

Not sure what you’re looking for? Curtis Homes has spent time preparing pre-sold homes packages for potential clients to choose from. Our plans establish the design of your home, guiding the framework and foundation, while leaving the details in your hands.

Our packages include: the lot, the plan, the construction cost (no hidden fees), realtor fees, and the comfort of it all being made to your desire.

Our pre-sold packages our designed to get you into a new home with custom features, without the large undertaking of a new home. Most of our plans take less then six months to build, and having all the cost pack

We are happy to modify our plans, to better suit your needs, and look forward to discussing the possibilities for your new home.

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