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Gilbert Neighborhood Update

The eight lot neighborhood, with differing home styles by Muddy River Design, is taking shape and families are moving into finished homes.  Cameron and Curtis Homes’ Team are proud of this neighborhood!  We want to bring to our industry and community an energy efficient neighborhood with classic looking homes with lots of built-in character. Homes that are sustainable as well as beautiful!  

Each home has an energy rating from the Energy Trust of Oregon upon completion.  This rating will stay with the home as a rating on it’s energy standard.  We use energy sustaining building techniques as well as products that set these family homes up for success.  

In conjunction with a livable and sustainable home is the unique design of every home, we have a craftsman, traditional, farmhouse, prairie, foursquare style homes.  As you pass through the street each home stands alone as a special and vibrant part of the neighborhood.  There is one lot left!

Follow the process more closely by following up on Instagram.  Look-up #gilberthomesHR to see the whole journey!  
July 2018
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Curtis Homes is Growing!

Cameron and Emily Curtis are happy to announce that Curtis Homes is expanding to Bend, Oregon​! Our home-base and office will remain in Hood River, Oregon​ where we are currently busy building in the Mountain Vistas community along with developments of our own Goose Way Townhouses Subdivision and Rocky Road Subdivision. In preparation for our expansion into Central Oregon, we are pleased to announce that Jeremy Fields has been added to the Curtis Homes team as our Project Manager. Jeremy has been working closely with our Hood River team ​and is excited to get started on our first project in Central Oregon which will be the construction of two homes in the NorthWest Crossing Neighborhood in west Bend. These two ​beautiful ​homes, designed by Muddy River, will be on the Central Oregon Builders Association (COBA) tour in late July​ 2017​.

Our whole team is excited to grow into a new community, while continuing to invest into the Hood River community​ we love! 

March 2017
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Happy Thanksgiving from Hood River, Oregon

It is fall time in Hood River, the leaves are swirling about each Hood River-ite as we walk down our small town sidewalks.  Fall time is full of changing weather, harvested fruit, cold noses and warm hot coco.  Thanksgiving may be our family’s favorite holiday!  The holiday sneaks in before the bustle of Christmas and is full of family, color, and fall food.  img_2508

The Curtis Family would like to say thank you to our community, neighbors and friends.  We’re grateful for the families who choose to build with Curtis Homes, grateful for the opportunity to craft beautiful houses for fantastic families, and grateful to give people a place in this spectacular Columbia River Gorge to call their own.  However you spend this fall season, take time to be thankful.


Cameron & Emily Curtis

November 2016

Built-in Storage!

Many people are looking for ways to add efficiency to a space, while cutting back on “stuff”. To some people “stuff” means items that aren’t a need or unused items. These objects clutter-up our homes and lives!

Have you ever thought that to much furniture can add to the “stuff” problem or be the problem? Instead of buying furniture add built-ins to a home.   Built-ins store the items a family will use everyday in a place that makes sense.  Customizing built-ins for a room will mean there is no bulky furniture to put clutter on top off or break the flow of the space.  The difference between a built-in and furniture, is that a built-in adds permanent value and character to a home!  Think about how to use built-in shelves, a buffet or window seat to maximize a room’s space.

September 2016
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It’s all Good in the Hood!

Our photographer Jen Gulizia, owner of Gorge-us Photography, captured a completed Curtis Homes’ neighborhood.  Often, Curtis Homes shares photos of recently finished house, but one of the most satisfying parts of the job is seeing a home a year later being loved and lived in.  It is rewarding to see yards with grass, kids playing in the driveways, families having dinner in the dinning room or cooking together in their kitchen.

Tag @CurtisHomesllc in photos of your family living in your home!

Makena-49 Makena-46 Makena-43

June 2016
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Local Vendor Love – Part II

At Curtis Homes, local businesses are near-and-dear to our hearts, because… WE ARE A SMALL BUSINESS too!

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Cameron Curtis, builder and owner, works hard at building relationships with our Sub-contractors and the Vendors that supply our homes with fixtures, appliances and materials. The goal is from framing to finishes, working together to build a home that adds value to the Gorge. Cameron wants the homes he builds to add to the community by being a well-built home, and a place for a family to enjoy for a long-long time. We want to promote the great team of people that help make our homes beautiful!

Here are a list of some of our Vendors/Sub-Contractors that have built 10+ homes with us!

True Gorge Stoves & Spas: Chris, owner, and crew supply our homes with beautiful fire inserts.  They have a lot of options for inserts too: Gas or wood burning, modern or traditional.  Click their link and see neat videos that Chris takes of projects! 

Ridgeline Electric: Richard Lee, owner and Electrician for our Oregon homes, wires our homes with care and precision.  He takes great pride in his work and it shows.  In our Curtis Homes’ photos with you see stunning lights in just the right spot that is the masterful work of Rich!

Cross Cabinet Company:  A lot of people ask us about our beautiful custom cabinetry, we like to talk about our friends at Cross Cabinet Company in Portland, Oregon.  They build the cabinets in their shop in Portland and install the cabinets.  Because they build the cabinets custom for each home, the homeowners have LOTS of cabinet options.  Lots of stain/paint color options for cabinets, trim, built-in shelves, island or closet options too.  When you look on our Houzz account and marvel at the shelves in an island or the trim on a cabinet, think of Cross Cabinets. 

Stay-tuned each week for more info on our quality Subs & Vendors!

CLICK to read last weeks list of people.


May 2016

Tour an Open House!

This weekend, for every person who tours the open home on 5th street in Hood River; Curtis Homes will donate a meal to FISH Food Bank.

Free Open House: (*Look for signs)

Friday, May 13

Saturday, May 14

Meet Cameron Curtis, tour a new Curtis Homes’ house and learn more about upcoming neighborhoods/homes in Hood River. The new home is one-story (see pictured floor-plan), behind Rosauers and a part of the newest phase of the Sieverkropp neighborhood!

May 2016

Merry Christmas Columbia Gorge!

Curtis_Homes_ChristmasMay your home be filled with laughter and joy this Christmas! We hope you enjoy the winter season and a warm cup of coffee with your friends and family.
Merry Christmas,
Cameron, Emily, Lucy
the Curtis Homes’ Team
December 2015
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Hood River Community Fall Fun!

e52512315fda86aaaaebb84cfddbc0bdHood River is small town with an impressive number of fun family events: Harvest Fest in October, Halloween trick-or-treating and Hood River Holiday’s downtown,  Fourth of July parade on the Heights with ice cream in Jackson park…. The list goes on with memory making events.  It is a fantastic community full of welcoming and generous people!

Join the Fall Family Fun:

  • Harvest Fest 2015 (This Weekend) October 16-18 at the Water Front in Hood River.
  • Hood River Halloween Trick-or-Treating 2015 downtown, start the fun by going to at Cutie-pie Consignment (Link with details) The downtown main street (Oak St.) will be closed between 5-7pm.
  • Thursday Farmers Market September 3 – November 19
    Hours: Thursdays 4 – 7 pm
    Location: Springhouse Cellars
    Contact: Zak Lance,, 802-363-7258



October 2015
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3 Ways to Relocate Stress Free!

Okay-okay, did some of you just roll your eyes at the blog post title… ‘Stress Free Relocation’? No, really there are ways to help make a move to a new town a little easier!  Lots of our clients are moving to Hood River, and here are ways the transition to a new place can be made less stressful! (Leave comments below on this post.)

  • Discover the Gorge!  For the moments when you are unsure if it was a good idea to move or a kiddo has been crying over moving away from friends; rest assured that you and your family have moved to a beautiful new place.  There is lots-and-lots of places to explore year round here in the Pacific Northwest! Here is a short list of places to visit that don’t require all day or equipment: the Fruitloop, Twin-Tunnels, walk downtown, Jackson park, tennis courts/Hood River swimming pool, Columbia Gorge Art Center. (Can I put a plug in here for building with Curtis Homes?  Build a house and then get busy exploring!
  • Find a great place to eat!  Having low blood sugar isn’t going to help you make decisions about your new move.  A local favorite is 6th Street Bistro for their hamburgers, locally grown food and tasty lemon drops.  Want a meal to go?  Thai house as some tasty Thai food.  There are many great restaurants to try in Hood River and White Salmon, find your favorite.
  • Meet other locals! I [Emily] grew-up in the Gorge, but for most people [like Cameron] they were the ‘new kid on the block’ at one time too.  Hood River and surrounding areas in the Gorge are full of welcoming people, because lots of people remember what it was like to settle into a new home.  Where do these locals hang-out? Coffee shops downtown or on the Heights, Gorge Grown Markets (like the one on Thursdays), the waterfront, or enjoying one of our many parks… with a coffee of course!  If you have kiddos try the library story-time, community ED, or Cutie Pies Consignment to meet other parents.


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October 2015
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