Local Vendor Love!

At Curtis Homes, local businesses are near-and-dear to our hearts, because… WE ARE A SMALL BUSINESS too!

Cameron Curtis, builder and owner, has worked hard at building relationships with our Sub-contractors and the Vendors that supply our homes with fixtures, appliances and materials.  The goal is from framing to finishes, working together to build a home that adds value to the Gorge.  Cameron wants a home he builds to add to the community by being a well-built home and a place for a family to enjoy for a long-long time.  Every week this Summer, a handful of our Vendors/Subs will be featured on our blog.  We want to promote the great team of people that help make our homes beautiful!

Here are a list of some of our Vendors/Sub-Contractors that have built 10+ homes with us!

(Click on their name to visit their website)

Tum-A-Lum: Our local Hood River, Oregon lumbar yard helps get us the “sticks” or lumber packages we need to build our family homes.  We appreciate Dana, Dan, Pam and the whole crew!  Follow them on Social Media too.

Terra Surveying:  Owners Erick and Nancy Carlson, survey our home sites.  Based out of the Heights, this professional crew of  surveyors have been surveying the Gorge for over a decade.

Hood River Sand and Gravel:  Tucked away off Old Columbia Drive, this company is the bedrock of our building, supplying our concrete for both house foundations and the stamped concrete patios or walkways you see in our home photos.

Maher Roofing: Local owner Mike Maher, in the business for over 20 years, and his crew do a great job of roofing our homes.  They are knowledgable and professional.  They are great to work with too and have roofed almost all our homes!

Northwest Door & Supply: Jeff or as he calls himself the “Door Guy”, supplies the large front doors you see on our homes.  The oversized front door that has a craftsman and PNW look to it, yep, they’re from Northwest Door & Supply!

Mid-Columbia Overhead: Do you have a garage door guy? We do and his name is Brandon, he installs and takes care of our garage doors.  Learn more about this local business owner on his Facebook page.

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Stay-Tuned for a continued list of our Sub-Contractors!


May 2016
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