House Building in Winter!


Snow storm in 2013! The house was shoveled & the wood all dry before moving forward.

A common question the Curtis Homes office gets, do you build in winter?  The answer is yes.  While lots of people are hunkering down inside with coffee and Christmas parties our crew and sub-contractors are working hard outside!  Lots of work goes into ensuring that homes built in the winter, or anytime for that matter, are dry and once weathered-in stay warm inside.  A moisture content reader, fancy tool for telling if something is dry,  is used a lot during the building process to be certain no moisture is getting in a home.  The Curtis Home’s crew uses dehumidifiers, heaters and large fans to control moisture levels and keep moisture out of the home. The team uses dehumidifiers, large fans and heaters to control moister levels in the home.  These precautions are important! The main part about building in wintertime is to take a little additional time to work around the weather.







For additional information about building with Curtis Homes in wintertime, call the Curtis Homes Office: (541) 436-0736

November 2015
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