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Hood River Community Fall Fun!

e52512315fda86aaaaebb84cfddbc0bdHood River is small town with an impressive number of fun family events: Harvest Fest in October, Halloween trick-or-treating and Hood River Holiday’s downtown,  Fourth of July parade on the Heights with ice cream in Jackson park…. The list goes on with memory making events.  It is a fantastic community full of welcoming and generous people!

Join the Fall Family Fun:

  • Harvest Fest 2015 (This Weekend) October 16-18 at the Water Front in Hood River.
  • Hood River Halloween Trick-or-Treating 2015 downtown, start the fun by going to at Cutie-pie Consignment (Link with details) The downtown main street (Oak St.) will be closed between 5-7pm.
  • Thursday Farmers Market September 3 – November 19
    Hours: Thursdays 4 – 7 pm
    Location: Springhouse Cellars
    Contact: Zak Lance,, 802-363-7258



October 2015
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