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Questions to ask about Windows

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Let’s talk windows.  Windows can be draped, covered, shaded, or frosted. Windows give a room character, light, functionality, or a view.  Windows come in all colors, shapes, sizes and styles too!  There were a lot of wonderful windows in a recent pre-sold home built by the Curtis Homes crew. The windows benefit the new homeowner by bringing in cross-breezes, natural light and added character to each room.

In a new home or remodel think about what a new window will do for the room.  There are A LOT of window choices, but try to narrow down the options by thinking through what the room needs.  For example, does the room need more natural light?  Is the exterior of the home lacking a little character?  Would a sunset or sunrise be missed without a window in the room?

Once you know what benefits from a window the room will have, think about what you’ll see on the other side of that window, such as neighbors, mountain view, trees or a backyard.  Add a skylight, dormer window, picture window, bay window (the list goes on-and-on) based on what makes sense for the space and it’s surroundings.

The Curtis Homes’ preference is to include lots of  windows, as it makes sense of course, because we are building homes in Hood River, Oregon, the most beautiful place in the world.  Hilltop or mountain views makes us want to add a window. Possibility of natural light in a master bedroom’s walk-in closest makes us want to add a window.   Ask yourself what makes you want to add a window?

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January 2014
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