Portland Street of Dreams: 2011

Visit the Street of Dreams

FABULOUS Street of Dreams in Portland, Oregon.  Beautiful interior designs, creative floor plans, and craftsman building made this years Street of Dreams something to see.  Your home can have the same creative design, and unique building materials as the Street of Dreams homes.   Curtis Homes can  transform your home or build you a new  home that is filled with style, and luxurious  home features.  The Curtis Homes’ team is  made up of Craftsman and Builder Cameron  Curtis’s knowledge of the construction  process, and home materials sets the company  apart from other builders. See for yourself  some of the new building materials on today’s  market.  Contact Curtis Homes if you want  your next home build, remodel or repair to be  full of craftsmanship, service, and professionalism that will make your home believe it is on the street of dreams too!

September 2011
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