“Made in Mosier” Oh Yeah!

CURTIS HOMES is honored to be a sponsor of the Mosier Community School’s spring fundraiser event “Made in Mosier.”  Owners, Cameron & Emily Curtis (located out of Mosier, OR) are volunteering with elementary and middle school students; collaborating with the students and parent volunteers to build custom picnic tables with glass tile inlays.  Cameron & I [Emily] have been impressed with how the Mosier Community School rallies together for the yearly fundraiser event.  You can get in on the fun by attending the “Made for Mosier” School Fundraiser event April 30, 2011 at Spring House Winery 5pm-11pm!  The tables will be auctioned off and precedes will go to the Mosier Charter school.

Join us on Facebook to follow the student’s picnic table progress~

March 2011
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