You Dream it… We Build it!

CURTIS HOMES LLC suggests to everyone, homeowners and future homeowners, to start a home binder.  File away magazine photos, drawings and blue prints to establish style and communicate the goals for your space.  If you are planning on remodeling or building, Cameron  (General Contractor/Builder) suggests looking at different supplier’s websites & brochures for inspiration.  Curtis Homes’ team guides you, as you make choices on what to put in your home.

What is a supplier? They are the companies that make the doors, skylights and windows, trim, decking, fixtures etc. that fill a house.  To discover building material options for your next project; call Curtis Homes’ office for details or head to a local building supply store (ex: Tum-A-Lum, Lowes, Home Depot) for brochures.  As a homeowner, you will feel EMPOWERED getting to know the companies that supply style to your home.

You dream it and we build it and you thrive in it.

*If you’re struggling to define your home’s style or need someone to help streamline your space Curtis Homes recommends Hood River ReDesign (Check out ReDesign on facebook or www.hoodriverredesign.com)

February 2011
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