Building in 2011

It is a new year and many folks are looking at ways to streamline their lives and here at Curtis Homes we can help you streamline your living space.  For those interested in building, the Curtis Homes design team is able to custom design a home or find a home plan to fit you.

The rising trend in home building is making a smaller size home work to meet the family’s needs. The reason for a smaller or more efficient home differs from family to family.  Some families are interested in minimizing their carbon footprint and look for a floor plan that doesn’t use unnecessary land or resources.   While many families are concerned with the environment, families may also be thinking about the home’s cost.  Families are placing value on careful planning, creating multi-purpose rooms and finding floor plans that make good use of every space, such as added windows and vaulted ceilings. Whatever the reasons for consolidating your floor plan, this minimalist perspective has it’s benefits.

Your home is more eco-friendly, lower building costs per square foot and lower tax rates.  A house designed with multi-purpose rooms fosters family functionality making the space a home.  Curtis Homes believes a more efficient living space does not mean compromising on building quality or home comfort.  Your dream house can be fine tuned to be more eco-friendly, more functional and more beautiful.

Curtis Homes, building a legacy you can live, no matter the size or shape.

Happy New Year!

January 2011
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